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iCandy MiChair 2016+ Product Recall Notice.

BATCH  -  A10096 Manufactured in 2016/2017

 iCandy has a long-established history of providing high quality and safety ensured products. We work tirelessly to ensure that all iCandy customers have peace of mind that they are always receiving the best possible products available within the nursery industry. As part of iCandy’s continuous quality improvement programme, it has come to our attention that a very limited number of the early edition iCandy MiChairs no longer meet our standards. The iCandy MiChairs affected (A10096) have been found to potentially develop hairline cracks in the seat base over time.  As with all iCandy products, extensive testing above and beyond the requirements of safety standards, including user trials were carried out at the time of the iCandy MiChair’s 2016 launch. During the process of formal certification and due diligence, no fault was found with the highchair.

The issue only affects the iCandy MiChair product with Batch Number  (A10096.) This can be identified by a white rectangle sticker. The sticker should include the number A10096. This can be found on the underside of the iCandy MiChair Please promptly check if your product is the following model and immediately stop using if so.

What are the defects?

The product may develop hairline cracks close to bolt attachment points. This may result in the seat coming away from the leg base.

What are the hazards?

If the seat comes away from the leg base, this could result in the chair collapsing, increasing the risk of injury to small children.



If you have this model, please follow the steps below:

Contact us by either calling (03) 8555 2431 or emailing info@tobil.com.au

Please box all parts of your iCandy Michair into the box provided:

The iCandy Michair: Seat plus lower legs and attachments (x2)

All accessories: Tray, footrest, harness strap and cross bar ( NOT the comfort pack)

All bolts

iCandy will then provide you with a case reference number, arrange an Australia Post label for you to return the product and on receipt, will send a replacement to you within 7 working days..

An instructional manual and supporting videos are available to assist you on the Product Support Page.


Please visit:  https://www.icandyworld.com/au/support/form/